Best restaurants in Cancun for locals and visitors

When you are starving and don’t feel like cooking, definitely one of the first things that comes to your mind is “I want something delicious to eat, but where can I go?” The solution is a good restaurant in Cancun, a place where you can simply sit and order the dish you like, but it is not so easy to choose because we will always find various options ranging from food corners in the Cancun shopping malls, to specialty Cancun restaurants or “branded restaurants” to call them in some way.

Here are some good and not so expensive options that you can take, it doesn’t matter if you live in Cancun or if you’re visiting us, with these recommendations your stomach and palate will be more than pleased.

Mexican food is always a feast for the senses and in restaurants such as “La Cantinita”, “La Casa de los Abuelos” and “Café Nader” you can enjoy its chameleon flavors, colors and aromas. But if what you crave are delicious seafood and fish, why not try the dishes offered in “Los Aguachiles” or “El Muellecito”; famous local Cancun restaurants you’ll really love these two places where delicacies from the sea are prepared with the freshest ingredients and served in a relaxed atmosphere. And when talking about cuts of meat we cannot miss a dinner at “La Tranquita”, a place with great atmosphere that you’ll love.

But wait, there’s more!  For pasta and pizzas “Cheester’s” and “Capriccio Pizza and Pasta” are the best; while at “Marakamé” restaurant you will enjoy gourmet meals such as fondues, pizzas, salads and more, it is not so cheap but it is worth it. Although if you are looking for a very healthy, tasty and affordable food, “Super Salads” is the place you must visit, its soups, salads, and flavor water are a delight.

Also remember some of the gourmet fast food Cancun restaurants you will find in places like “Plaza Las Americas“, “Plazas Outlet“, “La Isla” and “La Gran Plaza” going from sushi at “Sushi Itto” and “Sushi Roll”; Waffle “Waffle House” (yes, waffles for lunch… they are a delight!); burgers in “McDonald’s” and “Burger King”; tacos, salads, pasta… well, everything for all tastes.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations, the beach, the sea, the magnificent climate of the Caribbean and ecotourism in Cancun, a must you cannot miss.

Bon Appetit!

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