Hotel Zone vs. Downtown Hotels

Hotel Zone Cancun

Hotels in Cancun are mainly located in the Hotel Zone and in the Downtown area of the City.

Here are some facts to consider when choosing where to stay in Cancun. We hope this can be helpful.

The Hotel Zone is a coastal paradise, 23 miles long. It is the main tourist area of Cancun, a place where comfort is venerated and where everything is designed to offer the traveler a pleasant stay. The hotels have impressive architectural designs and a full-service infrastructure, represented by the most famous hotel chains in the world. Most of these establishments are governed by the All Inclusive system, which includes lodging, meals, entertainment, performance and various tips, reason why their rates are higher.

The hotels in the downtown area generally have an intermediate category. Many of them are attended by they’re owners, which creates a much more familiar and relaxed atmosphere. Guests prefer them because the are accessible to a smaller budget without losing comfort and safety.

Whatever your choice is, you can be shure that you will be very well attended.

Choosing hotel in Cancun


Cancun Hotel Zone

How to choose the Hotel in Cancun?

If you thinking of staying in Cancun, you should consider the location, price, and the plan with or without food (all inclusive)! this advice might help:

There are hotels in the Hotel Zone, and downtown cancun, assumed that the hotels downtown are cheaper but don’t have access to the beach.

But actually not all of the hotels in the Hotel Zone have beach access, some of them are on the side of the lagoon so make shure what you want
All the hotels in the Hotel Zone are located on Boulevard Kukulcan, and it ranges from km2 to km21, now look at this:

How would you like your Beach?

There are two kinds of beaches you can choose in Cancún: from km 2 to km9 we have the most quiet, short and no waves beaches, and from km 9 to km 21 and up we have the agitated beaches with waves (perfect if you like to jump ) but if your looking to swim, this could be a little uncomfortable if you are traveling with children or older adults, since you can not swim very well,  so make sure you’re on the beach of your choice in Cancun.

If you come with the intention of walking and taking a day trip to the beautiful places that we have here in Cancun, then  you will not use the beach that much, probably you will leave on a tour very early and come back when the sun is leaving, so there’s no time to visit beach, if that’s the case you may prefer not to spend the extra to have a beachfront hotel so you have more money to spend in visiting the different attractions the destination offers, and also you can enjoy a different beach every day.
If the price does not matter, a beachfront hotel with or without spa is right for you! and your family …

And if  you come with you family the thing for you could be an all-inclusive hotel where you pay before and not have to worry about over consumption “extras”, because as its name says, its All INCLUDED and you just have to relax!

If you like the Fiesta, the nightlife, the “Clubs”, the antros or what ever you call them in your home, then consider staying in a hotel between km 8 and km 10, so that way you are in the area of the Clubs and you don’t have to take a taxi, but if on the contrary, hate the noise at night, stay away from that area and you’ll be much happier.