What to do when it rains in Cancun


Rio Secreto

When it rains in Cancun, besides visiting the malls you can visit the cinema or the Interactive Aquarium, where you will see different species of fish and also interact with them, you can touch stingrays, nurse sharks and other species.

The ticket to the aquarium offers a dolphin show in the evening and a nice view of the Nichupté lagoon. In addition they also offer swimming with dolphins programs and the option to feed the sharks in a cage (the one in the cage is the client, not the shark) at an extra cost.
Aquarium Plaza is located within La Isla Mall in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

If you think your going to have rainy days, you can also scheduled to visit the archaeological site of Chichen Itza which is not normally affected by the climate of the coast.

You can also take your time to see the different caves and cenotes even with rain at Rio Secreto, since its underground and its considered the best eco-tour of Mexico. Remember, if you are not all included in your hotel, get out and enjoy Cancun!

Come and enjoy the New beaches in Cancun

Beaches in Cancun

The beautiful beaches in Cancun are here to stay! After several hurricanes made the sand disappear and left Cancun with only beach rocks, now our visitors  and locals can enjoy the famous white sand beaches that made Cancun one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Local and federal authorities and various associations of employers worked on the recovery project in the Cancun Beaches which consisted on hiring a machine to dredge sand from the sea to the shore and filled beaches. Since the beginning of 2010 the beaches of Cancun are ready to welcome all people who want to sunbathe and enjoy the white sand that is so characteristic of Cancun.

Hurricanes in Cancun

Hurricane Wilma

We all know that in terms of climate and weather we have no guarantees.

Cancun, like all coastal zone is vulnerable to storms and hurricanes but it is fair to say that throughout its history it has only been beaten by two of them, Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 and Wilma in 2005. Sure, there have been more storms and hurricanes in Cancun, still others have only affected Cancun indirectly, but, except for the two cases mentioned, it never has been a problem getting back to normal quickly.

Gilberto was a learning experience for the authorities of Cancun Quintana Roo, since then they started promoting a culture of prevention that was then tested with Hurricane Wilma, where despite the magnitude of the disaster, there were no casualties. Its been 17 years between the two hurricanes that hit Cancun and 5 years since Wilma and we haven’t had another storm that even remotely comes close to that damaged. Unlike places that are affected by other natural phenomena, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum and the Riviera Maya, have the great advantage since hurricanes are totally predictable, so we can say that they don’t represent any threat to the safety of our visitors, because apart from being very, very sporadic (although the possibility is present half of the year), our community, authorities and infrastructure are ready to face the harshest of cyclones.

So, do not let fear or uncertainty stop your plans to vacation in the most important tourist center of our country, come and enjoy the turquoise beaches, white sand and the cultural and natural wonders that have made us famous in the world . I can guarantee you that after we recover from Wilma, hurricanes are afraid of us.

Jungle Tour Filled With Fun and Adventure!

Jungle Tour Cancun

The Jungle Tour in Cancun is one of the most exciting and fun activities you can do during your vacation in Cancun Mexico. Share this trilling adventure with your friends, family or partner.

This is a unique experience where you drive a speedboat for two through the mangroves in the lagoon Nichupte of Cancun then rich the ocean and dive on a unique coral reef.

The Jungle Adventure Tour in Cancun starts its journey out of a marina located on the side of the lake for a ride that only few can take! Imagine yourself driving at rapid speeds along the lagoon, exploring the channels of mangrove forests that make this lagoon Nichupté famous; Visit Punta Nizuc and at the bridge you will find the vast turquoise sea. Once in the Caribbean Sea, your still be running your speedboat to reach the second largest coral reef in the world where you will have 45 minutes to snorkel and swim among a great number of colorful fish.
The Jungle Tour is one of the most fun and popular activities in Cancun, we encouraged you to book now!

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