7 Key Questions to Ask BEFORE You Book Your Cancun and Riviera Maya Tours


In the old days (the 80’s and 90’s), we relied on an armful of colorful brochures from travel agencies when reserving tours to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Now that most tour and excursion bookings are done online, it might be a good idea to ask the following questions before plunking down your hard-earned money […]

7 Must-Do’s on Your First Time in Cancun and the Riviera Maya


So it’s your first time in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, you’ve arrived at your hotel and you’re wondering how to make the most of your time here. We’ve put together a short list of ideas for you to get a great taste of the Mexican Caribbean so you can keep coming back for more! […]

XOXIMILCO-Taste a True Mexican Fiesta


It’s Independence Month here in Mexico (and here you thought that was May, right?), and the celebrations continue well past September 15th. Here we’ll tell you about one of Mexico’s most beloved places of celebration, and also how you h’can experience it here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.   One of Mexico’s most enduring […]

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End of the World December 2012 and all the previous fatalistic dates

End of the World 2012

End of the World 2012

After demystifying the Mayans and other 2012 prophecies about cosmos under the light of science and astronomy, NASA has calculated that our galaxy will crash against another galaxy in about 4 billion years.

Are you afraid that this world is coming to an end on December 21st 2012? There have probably been more predictions about the end of the world than stars in the sky. Check some of them:

400 d.c. Martin de Tours, 793 d.c. Beato de Liébana, 1284 d.c. Papa Inocencio III,  1689 Benjamin Keach, 1736 William Whiston, 1822 Monjas Chilenas, 1844 William Miller, 1875 Michael Baxter, 1914 Charles Taze Russell, 1919 Albert Porta, 1954 Dorothy Martin, 1972 Herbert Armstrong, 1980 Leland Jensen, 1994 John Hinkle, 1994 Harold Camping, 1999 Nostradamus, 2000 Varios, 2007 Thomas Chase, 2011 Harold Camping, 2012 Varios, 2020 Jeane Dixon, 2060 Isaac Newton.

About Mayan prophecies and all the information regarding this, we recommend you to visit the interesting tour Chichen Itza Myths 2012 to clarify your find and differentiate between reality and myths.

The destiny of Planet Earth is in our hands, remember to take care of your Home, is the only one we have.

Chichen Itza, to the End of an Era

Myths and Realities of the Mayan Prophecies and the New Cycle 2012

The catastrophic prediction of the end of the world in the year 2012 has been attributed to the Mayan civilization, however, how much is it fiction and how much is it reality?

Mexican historian and expert in Mayan Culture, Claudio Obregon states: “The 7 prophecies lumbered to the Mayans on the Internet are just inventions of the Colombian architect Fernando Malkun and his multiple disciples”.

This architect, among other modern prophets have spread the idea that the Mayan writings point out destiny subjects like poverty, global warming, pole melting, New Age consciousness, eclipses and comets with terrible consequences and of course the end of humanity as we know it in the year 2012. However, despite his repeated affirmations, none of his prophecies are supported by a historical or epigraphical Mayan sources.

Because of this fact, and contrary to the original Mayan culture, this New Age ideology has been related to the ancient Mayan mysticism spreading all over the world encouraging for a new consciousness and attracting followers of all nationalities that are not aware of the real facts of this culture that beats strong in the heart of Mexico.

Then, Mayans never prophesized about the 2012?

Claudio Obregon states, “of the 10 thousand available hieroglyphic writings there are only two related to the year 2012, one of them can be found in Comalcalco and its contents has not been published. The second one is found in El Tortuguero and reads: “After 13 cycles, the god Bolom Yokté will descend from the heavens…”. Therefore, this writings do not quote a catastrophe or end of humanity.  In fact, Mayans stated that in December 2012 a “Long Count” time period will come to an end, but the beginning of a new cycle will come to be.

According to the investigator Gregg Braden, author of “Fractal Time”, the changes in our planet are due to the Earth movement towards the Ecuador in the Milky Way. Moreover, scientists have discovered that the center of our Galaxy is a powerful source of magnetic energy and our future location towards this source of energy will have a huge effect on our Planet Earth. On December 21, 2012, we will be facing this point without any obstruction of another planet or solar system object,  giving us a direct access.

Talking about beginnings and endings, Braden states that our current Great Cycle is a long cycle of 5,125 years linked to an astronomical event that occurred in the year 3114 A.C. This cycle ends on December 21, 2012 in Winter Solstice.

Theories and speculation abound, but future is uncertain. In any case, as humankind, we know that the best way to live or face anything is by staying together in harmony and love. On the other hand, culture, history and equanimity must be respected and our responsibility is to make research on the real facts through trustful resources written by experts that have studied the Mayan Culture and astronomy.

Learn more about this in the New and Exclusive Tour to Chichen Itza Myths and Realities 2012. Begin a New Cycle discovering real facts about Mayan prophecies and renewing your energy in a sacred, magical and mystical place.

Chichen Itza Myths and Realities 2012

Chichen Itza Myths and Realities 2012


  • Obregón, C. Blog de Literatura y Mundo Maya.
  • Braden, G. Official Site. Bridging Sciencie + Spirituality

The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2012 is coming in November!

We know you have been waiting impatiently, but the wait is coming to an end. One of the most expected Playa del Carmen events of the year in the Mexican Caribbean, is the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival and this year it will take place from November 22nd to 24th in Playa Mamitas, Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Considered as one of the best jazz festivals of the world, this event combines good jazz, a magnificent fine sandy beach and the accompaniment brought by the waves of the sea at the Riviera Maya. To continue with its traditional success, this year’s Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will have the presence of the great international musicians of Joe D’etienne and his Big Band, the percussionist Pete Escovedo and his latin-jazz beat, Nortec Collective, the group Aguamala, Victor Wooten, Wayne Shorter Quartet, Poncho Sánchez, John Scofield, and Level 42.

Ecotourism in Cancun invites you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this incredible event to be held in one of the most beautiful spots of the Caribbean, the charming Riviera Maya. We recommend you to be there early in order to get the best seats for the show of your choice.

Learn more about Riviera Maya tours to make the most of your Caribbean vacations!


jazz festival riviera maya 2012

jazz festival riviera maya 2012

2012, Festival of Life and Death in Xcaret is here again!

Colorful as it is, the Festival of Life and Death in Xcaret ecopark is about to take place from October 30th to November 2nd.

This is the 7th edition of this beautiful festival full of Mexico ‘s art and culture that will offer plenty of activities for the big and the little ones; from workshops, visual art exhibitions, children theater, the traditional offerings to the faithful departed, a journey to the underworld and to the Mexican Cemetery through the “Bridge to Paradise”, the famous Ball Game, the  play “Forest of Kings” of Dzul Dance Company and the gala concerts with invited personalities such as Jaramar and the legendary mexican singer Lila Downs presenting the show “K’eebanoób y milagros” to decorate even more the splendor  of this wonderful festival evoking “The Day of the Dead”.

Besides, Playa del Carmen will join us in this year’s celebration on the 3rd and 4th of November at Parque La Ceiba and on 4th also at Centro Cultural Caracol Marino. Definitively this is a spectacle that renews itself every year, and in Ecoturismo Cancun we recommend it widely. We are sure you will enjoy it and come back for more every year.


Xcaret festival 2012

Xcaret festival 2012

Best restaurants in Cancun for locals and visitors

When you are starving and don’t feel like cooking, definitely one of the first things that comes to your mind is “I want something delicious to eat, but where can I go?” The solution is a good restaurant in Cancun, a place where you can simply sit and order the dish you like, but it is not so easy to choose because we will always find various options ranging from food corners in the Cancun shopping malls, to specialty Cancun restaurants or “branded restaurants” to call them in some way.

Here are some good and not so expensive options that you can take, it doesn’t matter if you live in Cancun or if you’re visiting us, with these recommendations your stomach and palate will be more than pleased.

Mexican food is always a feast for the senses and in restaurants such as “La Cantinita”, “La Casa de los Abuelos” and “Café Nader” you can enjoy its chameleon flavors, colors and aromas. But if what you crave are delicious seafood and fish, why not try the dishes offered in “Los Aguachiles” or “El Muellecito”; famous local Cancun restaurants you’ll really love these two places where delicacies from the sea are prepared with the freshest ingredients and served in a relaxed atmosphere. And when talking about cuts of meat we cannot miss a dinner at “La Tranquita”, a place with great atmosphere that you’ll love.

But wait, there’s more!  For pasta and pizzas “Cheester’s” and “Capriccio Pizza and Pasta” are the best; while at “Marakamé” restaurant you will enjoy gourmet meals such as fondues, pizzas, salads and more, it is not so cheap but it is worth it. Although if you are looking for a very healthy, tasty and affordable food, “Super Salads” is the place you must visit, its soups, salads, and flavor water are a delight.

Also remember some of the gourmet fast food Cancun restaurants you will find in places like “Plaza Las Americas“, “Plazas Outlet“, “La Isla” and “La Gran Plaza” going from sushi at “Sushi Itto” and “Sushi Roll”; Waffle “Waffle House” (yes, waffles for lunch… they are a delight!); burgers in “McDonald’s” and “Burger King”; tacos, salads, pasta… well, everything for all tastes.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations, the beach, the sea, the magnificent climate of the Caribbean and ecotourism in Cancun, a must you cannot miss.

Bon Appetit!

Comment by Leo, Julie and Alex. Xelha

Thank you. It was an amazing memory. We were so amazed with the service from the time we were picked up until we got drop off. The park was so beautiful and clean. Very well maintain. The breakfast buffet was lots of choices. The service of rental snorkeling equipment was very well organized and clean. Free towel and locker was a big plus.

I have to give a thumb up for the life guard. First, I lost 1 of the snorkeling flipper shoe. It felt at the bottom floor of the water. The guard dive in to picked it up. The second time, I drop my sun glasses while zip lining. I called the guard and he dived to get my glasses. It was prescription sun glasses. Thank you so much. We love the hammock.

Couple comment:

1.There are no photographer for Zip lining. Only the hammock lining. Maybe should add another fotography for that.

2. Extra bathroom on the way to the activity area will be nice. Overall experience was a 5 stars park. Will come back next year. Keep up a good work.

Thank you, Leo, Julie and Alex

Exploring Cenotes



The cenotes are spectacular water wells connected by underground rivers, is one of the main attractions in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Some of these natural formations contain many stories and legends. We know that many of them were used by the Maya as sites for religious rituals.

Due to its transparent emerald waters, the cenotes are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

One of the largest underground river systems in the world and most explored is the Nohoch Nah Chich cenote, located at Rancho San Felipe, a small Mayan community near Cancun. You can visit this cenote on the tour call “The Mayan Jungle” wich is one of the best green tours that are offered in Cancun or Mayan Riviera.


The majestic descent of Kukulcan

Chichen Itza Equinox

Chichen Itza Equinox

On the evening of 21 March and 22 September, days that begins the spring and fall equinoxes respectively, we can observed in the north staircase of the Castle of Chichen Itza, a solar projection in the shape of a serpent, consisting of seven triangles of light, inverted as a result of the shadow cast by the nine platforms of the building at sunset.

The phenomenon takes place at Chichen Itza in all its glory and we can see an image of the serpent made of light and dark triangles down the majestic Northwest of the Castle.

At the beginning the first shadows come of the higher bodies of the pyramid start drawing isosceles triangles that make up the body of the feathered serpent. Shadows will gradually move towards the snakelike head located at the bottom of the pyramid.
Finally, the last of the triangle touches the base of the pyramid. Spectators stand and raise their hands to heaven to “absorb the positive energy” believed to emanate from this phenomenon.
After a wile the figure of Kukulcan begins to dissipate to put an end to a process that takes about 45 minutes, from start to finish. Want to go to the equinox tour?

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is located in the northern Yucatan Peninsula, near the city of Valladolid, Yucatan.

It is one of the most important of the ancient Mayan civilization and developed in stages, of which there still are monumental remains. The area has evidence of Toltec influence, both in art and architecture. Chichen Itza is considered to reach the peak in two stages: the first between 600-900 d. C. when Puuc style buildings were built, and the second to the arrival of the Putun, who emigrated from Campeche in the tenth century.

The most famous buildings on the site are: The Castle, the largest and most important structure. The ladders finish at the bottom with two snake heads, same look come to life at every equinox, when the sun casts its rays on the building, forming triangles of shadow that simulate the body of the snake temple down to earth. The Temple of the Warriors, composed of the Temple of Chac Mool and a set of pillars, each carved with representations of priests and warriors. The Observatory, the Temple of a Thousand Columns, the Tzompantli, the Dzib Akab, and the Temple of the Jaguars, are other important buildings.

Chichen Itza also has the great Sacred Cenote which jade objects have been found, pottery and even skeletons of human beings, especially children, who were offered to the god Chac.

The Chichen Itza Plus Tour has all the amenities for comfortable stay of the visitor.

Choosing hotel in the Riviera Maya

Be Riviera Maya Hotel

Be Riviera Maya Hotel

I think that  price and the “stars” (hotel´s raiking quality) are important. If you want an all inclusive hotel”, make sure you have 5 stars or at  the third day you are  going to hate the food.

But,  if the hotel has good food mmmm, you’ll be so happy, you will eat and eat without having to cook and everything that eating requires. It is necessary that if you decide to be in the Riviera Maya, you have in mind the following issues:

1. You must be at the hotel located at the beach or,
2. Rent a car to find a beach close that you can go / or better
3. Buy a tour for each day to visit the best beaches and not have to worry of driving and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Have in mind that in almost every hotel in the Riviera Maya is immersed in the jungle and you can not t be transported easily from one place to another unless you have a car, it is noteworthy that many hotels offer guests free transportation from your lobby to Playa del Carmen, but at certain hours, make sure yours have that option. If you want to stay to do anything in your hotel, the Riviera is an excellent choice for this, also make sure the animation team and entertainment, that  the hotel offers, have  good quality on activities and shows so you will enjoy a lot your time in the hotel, some Hoteles Internet sites can have information about it. Some hotels offer guests pools noise less for customers seeking tranquility. Any way the Riviera Maya has it all and more that you can expect!

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